November 21st 2015:       People sell themselves short when they treat others poorly.


November 22nd 2015:    The best thing you can ever do for yourself is help someone else.


November 23rd 2015:     Vaccinations;

DO they or DON’T they work?

If vaccinations work, what’s the problem with coming into contact with the disease via a classmate who didn’t get vaccinated. People have died for freedom. Can’t recall compulsory vaccinations ever being a part of freedom before. What’s next?  Come on, who won the war? What is “freedom?” Is vaccination compulsory in Germany for instance?? NO !!!! Why did all those young fellas from Australia jump out of their trenches?

Far as I know bugs are hard to catch without a lot of pus floating around anyway. . Eat clean, get clean on the inside….Avoid overdosing on milk and meat, they are not assimilated, they putrefy in the gut.

I’m wondering, do modern day vaccines contain MERCURY?  Last time I looked they did.


May 29th 2016:    Society for the Protection of Germs (SPOG)

People are forever killing zillions of germs indiscriminately all day every day. Someone has to say something sooner or later. So yeah, stop killing germs youz. Kindness to germs helps one escape Samsara. If these virus are mutating constantly I wonder how old some of them are and how far from the original they have ended up? It’s almost as though virus are compulsory in nature. A life without germs wouldn’t be a long one because of the vital role they have in building and maintaining our immune system. I’m singing it’s all about immunity… What if virus are absolutely essential for purging a putrid body? A body overcome with pus and stagnation. One doesn’t need a virus if one is essentially “clean” and well functioning. Plant based foods assimilate into the system, the rest putrefy, a long, slow “rotting” process. Our intestinal bio flora and fauna are especially important in these functional processes. A large proportion of pro biotics are about the fauna. Cider vinegar is an excellent pro biotic for building up the bio flora. “Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food.” Hypocrites said its all about the gut and is currently being vindicated by the latest scientific research. Two types of medicines, the ones that prevent dis ease and the ones that make you better after you’ve fallen ill. Unfortunately prescription drugs are poisonous, that’s why they’re on prescriptions, and have some nasty side effects because they’re not natural. And, if it’s not natural it’s not right. Is sugar natural? Not if its refined. I think the definition of natural should include being unrefined.                  17th June 2017:  Virus’ have a job to do, the harder the job the more it hurts, but the job will eventually get done…


5th November 2016Refugees, a human resource…….

Why aren’t refugees working on specially set up organic farms to pay for their assessment etc.etc?  Commodity not inconvenience.

26th January 2017:  Not celebrating Australia Day. Don’t support genocide.

      17th June 2017:  OK. The catholic church is now officially the wolf in the sheep’s clothing. It’s a pity Dr Nietzsche is no longer amongst us to see the “Antichrist” revealed in all her sheer splendor.